Friends of Our Pleasant Prairie Police Officers Demonstrate Resident Support

Our officers bravely and unselfishly serve and protect us. It is important that they know we stand behind them.

" We should take every opportunity to honor the service and sacrifice of the brave men and women in law enforcement who protect our communities each day, and I'm glad to join the Pleasant Prairie Police Officers Appreciation Association in doing so. "
– Governor Scott Walker

"Our officers bravely and unselfishly serve and protect us on a daily basis. Now more than ever it is important that they know we admire and respect them and, as a community, we stand behind them. "
– Roger R. Mayer, Chairman, Pleasant Prairie Police Commission

From a recent study by the prestigious Pew Research Center involving over 8,000 police officers:

Read the entire study here: http://www.pewsocialtrends.org/2017/01/11/behind-the-badge/

The Village of Pleasant Prairie has some of the finest Police Officers to be found but they must share the disappointment of all officers in the generational change of attitude toward them and their profession.

A group of concerned Pleasant Prairie residents has come together to create the Pleasant Prairie Police Appreciation Association, a tax free charitable organization with the goal of sending a clear message to our Village officers that residents respect and support them.

We decided to try to provide hundreds of appropriate yard signs and to set the goal of providing all officers with a personal body camera and non-fatal Taser weapon.

Pleasant Prairie government has intended to provide such equipment and some has been purchased. However, budget restrictions requiring a Referendum to raise tax rates could prevent each and every officer from having their own equipment to keep at home and to maintain as they do their personal firearm, ready for an emergency call to duty or when off duty. Beyond that we hope to provide additional funds for community Outreach Projects such as school visits.

Pleasant Prairie Police Officers Appreciation Association

A 501(C)3 Charitable Corporation

P.O. Box 580422, Pleasant Prairie, WI 53158

www.PlPrairiePoliceAppreciation.org / Email: Friends@PlPrairiePoliceAssociation.ORG

Directors: Roger R. Mayer, Howard Cooley, Charles Waller, Rosalie Villano, Kathy Barker

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